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Audio and Sound Technology

Audio and Sound Technology Classes teaches kids from intermediate and high school (yr7-13) the fun and practical workings of being a "Soundie" (Sound Engineer). Students that enrol or sign up for Audio Tech Classes can expect to learn:

  • How to setup a PA system
  • Mixing a live band or recording session
  • How to Record bands in a live or studio setting
  • How to edit audio tracks for ringtones, remixes, aerobics and dance etc.
  • Introduction to DJing 

We offer our Audio and Sound Technology Classes to Schools, Agencies and members of the public, during school hours and after school.


  • In-School fees are to be specified by the School / Agency hosting the programme, so check with your teacher ☺
  • After School fees are $6 per week / per class and hosted by Amplify and Youth Alive Trust facilities.


  • In-School classes are 1hr each week. Days and times are to be organised and confirmed with the School / Agency beforehand. If you are a staff representative, and would like us to teach at your school please Contact us ☺
  • After-School classes are 1hr each week on either Monday or Friday between 4pm-7pm depending on band and tutor availability at Youth Alive Trust, 111 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Christchurch.


There is no musical skill or experience needed for Audio and Sound Tech Classes except the genuine interest in Music, Sound, Technology, and the interest to learn. 

Students are required to be enrolled into Amplify School of Music and students may be required to participate in performances and gigs from time to time as an acting Sound Engineer for experience and training when the opportunity arises.

Other Information:

For a successful class there needs to be a minimum of 5 students enrolled in the group (8 max) which is why its important to know that successfully Enroling into an Audio Tech Class does not automatically grant you or your child an immediate placement in a class or group.

We offer the same classes and programmes to schools to work with their exisiting curriculum or as an option for students.

Please Contact us for more information.

This page is "Currently Under Construction" and the services listed below are "Not Available."