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DJ School

Learn how to DJ using turntables, controllers and apps and play some of your favourite tunes while learning the basics of DJ-ing, and progress further into more intermediate and advanced DJ-ing skills and techniques while bridging into some Audio and Sound Technology knowledge. DJ lessons are for 30mins or 1hr, available for individual or group lessons.

No experience required! - Just a love for music and the right attitude to learn.

DJ Students can expect to receive:

  • Weekly or Fortnightly DJ lessons with an industry experienced DJ / Tutor.
  • DJ / Music Industry education.
  • Skills and techniques such as setting Cue Points, Crossfading, Beat Mixing, Crowd MC, Scratching, Beat Juggling, adding FX, Filters and EQ.
  • Audio and Sound Technology training and knowledge such as setting up a PA and Mixing.


The cost of lessons are based on the size of the groups available, per student, per lesson:

No. of StudentsBeginners
30min Lessons
Intermediate / Advanced
1hr lessons
Group of 1$24N / A
Group of 2
$20N / A
Group of 3
Group of 4
Group of 5-6N / A$20

Lesson prices include GST

When and Where

DJ lessons are available to Schools, Agencies and members of the public, during school hours and after school.

  • In-School DJ Lessons are 30mins or 1hr each week (or one offs) on school site available Monday to Friday at your school by arrangement. If you are a staff representative, and would like us to teach at your school please Contact us ☺
  • After School DJ Lessons are 30mins or 1hr each week available Monday to Friday at Youth Alive Trust, 111 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Christchurch. Alternative locations available by arrangement.


  • Programme available for yrs5 - yrs13.
  • There is no experience needed and is suitable for anyone who has an interest in music.
  • DJ Students must bring their own Headphones.
  • It is recommended students have a device at home to practice DJing using a recommend app available on multiple platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac. Starting costs as low as $4.99, prices vary depending on choice of Platform / OS.

Other Information

Group Lessons are subject to availability based on student numbers and demand. Amplify DJ School uses apps and software that link with Spotify and in some cases, students may consider getting a Spotify Premium Account (when needed) to create playlists and use their own selection of music.

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This page is "Currently Under Construction" and the services listed below are "Not Available."