"Have-A-Go" Music & DJ Lessons Programme Policy

1.) Parent Acknowledgements and Responsibilities - Parents are responsible for:

  • Reading and understanding the "Have-A-Go" Music Lessons Programme Policy
  • Payment of Lessons prior or on the day of your booking.
  • Checking their emails or voice mail for booking confirmation (might show up first in junk mail).
  • Providing correct information and contact details when enrolling for KidsFest "Have a Go" Music Lessons.
  • Contacting Amplify notifying of any absences.

Parents acknowledge and bear the responsibility and risk to their child participating in Amplify programmes.

Parents have explained to their child the need to follow safety instructions, remain in areas designated by staff and tutors, and refrain from behaviour that could cause injury.

Parents also acknowledge that any wilful damage to equipment or property that has been caused by their child will incur an additional charge. 

Parents give permission for the qualified first aid staff or tutor to give any necessary medical treatment in the event of an injury. Any further medical attention will be at the parent's  own expense.

2.) Duration - By default, each student is enrolled for TWO 30min Instrument Lessons or ONE 1 hour DJ Lesson which is selected from the enrolments page. 

  • The two Instrument Lessons cannot be split between multiple children in families.
  • There will be a 5min break between the Instrument Lessons and midway through the DJ Lessons to allow students to grab a drink of water, a snack, a trip to the toilet or to move to the next lesson in the building.
  • Lessons will begin at their scheduled times regardless of late attendance, which will be confirmed via email before the day of lessons.

3.) Additional Lessons

  • An additional Instrument or DJ Lesson on top of the default lessons are optional. Parents will be able to select additional lessons from the enrolments page and will have an added cost if chosen.
  • Parents can choose not to include additional lessons.

4.) Location -  Lessons will be taught at Youth Alive Trust 111 Seaview Road, New Brighton, located inside the Grace Vineyard Building. Each instrument will be taught from a different room. Tutors and staff will be present to help direct you to the correct teaching location.

5.) Fees - Each session costs $26 per child. Caregivers may attend for free and participate if there is enough space and/or instruments to go around. Additional Instrument Lessons are $13 each for 30mins and DJ Lessons are $26 for 1 Hour.

6.) Group Sizes, Ages and Availability -  Each session can accommodate a maximum of 4 students at a time.

  • Selected days and times may vary depending on availability, demand and space available, therefore Amplify will do its best to match up lessons on your selected days from the enrolment page, but are not guaranteed.
  • Please note the age requirement for DJ Lessons is recommended for ages 10yrs+, while Instrument lessons are for ages 6yrs+.

7.) Payments - In order to confirm and secure your spot, payments need to be made in advance or on the day of the Lesson. Amplify will send out Invoices in advance as your booking comes through. Amplify prefers Online payments but also accepts Cash and Eftpos payments from our reception 111 Seaview Road, New Brighton.

Online payments made to: Youth Alive Trust 11-7892-0066444-22

Please include the Invoice Number and/or the Child’s Name followed by “ASM-KF” for reference. E.g. Joseph Blogs ASM-KF.

8.) Missed Lessons - If a student is unable to attend a lesson, you are still required to pay, unless 24hrs notice is given. This is due to lessons scheduled in advance through a booking system that guarantees your time slot and time set aside by the tutor. If you suspect or intend for your child to be absent at their scheduled time please let us know ASAP via email at amplify@yat.org.nz to cancel or reschedule your booking.

9.) Tutor Absence - If one or more of the tutors are unavailable to teach (e.g. sickness), you will not be charged for the session, or instead be offered an alternative session time when available.

10.) Refunds - Amplify and Youth Alive Trust will not offer refunds except for the following conditions:

  • A parent has prepaid for a session and successfully gave 24hrs notice of absence.
  • In the event that tutors are unable to teach (such as sickness, natural disaster)
  • If we were unable to match your selected times due tutor availability or space available in the groups.

11.) Photos and Videos - If you do not want your child's photo and / or name displayed on any publicity, please put this in writing to the Youth Alive Trust Programmes Manager. Photos and / or Videos taken at Amplify Programmes and Lessons, may be used for promotional and publicity purposes.

12.) Personal Property - Youth Alive Trust and Amplify take no responsibility for loss or damage to any child’s or parent’s personal possessions and equipment (MP3 players, cell phones, etc). We recommend that these items are left at home safe and sound.

13.) Privacy Act - Parents / Students acknowledge that all information supplied in this application form will be kept on file, in accordance with Privacy Act 1993. Information on your child may be requested to be looked at any time. This information may also be viewed by a CYFS assessor.