Instrument Lessons         

Weekly Individual or Group lessons are available for 20 minutes or Half-Hour, from 3pm onwards (or available 9am-3pm from your school). Amplify Students and Parents will have access to our online portal where you can check lesson times, account balance, lesson notes and more.

We teach all skill levels covering Practical & Theory elements on a variety of instruments including:

  • Vocals / Singing / Choir
  • Acoustic / Electric Guitar
  • Drums / Percussion
  • Bass Guitar
  • Piano / Keyboard


The cost of lessons are based on group sizes available, per student, per lesson:

No. of Students 
20min Lessons 
Half-Hour Lessons 
Group of 1
Group of 2

NOTE: Lesson prices include GST. Prices listed are for 2019. Large groups of 3 & 4 are possible but please check with us first to see availability or discuss an arrangement.

When and Where

Lessons are available to Schools, Agencies and members of the public.

  • In-School Lessons from 9am-3pm, Monday to Friday at your school by arrangement. We may already be placed at your school so please check with us first if unsure. If you are a staff representative, and would like us to teach at your school please Contact us ☺
  • After School lessons from from 3pm-7pm, Monday to Friday at Youth Alive Trust, 111 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Christchurch, or at various locations.

Other Information

Its recommended that students have an instrument at home for practice when enrolling for Lessons. We have Instrument Hire and Rental options starting from as low as $50 per term! Contact us for more details.

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