2018 Start Dates

Friday, December 8, 2017 | Notices

Here's some info regarding Lessons, Rock Band and general notices for 2018.

Instrument Hire

  • If you hired instruments from us and wish to hire them again in Term 1, 2018, please let us know and you will also be able to keep the instruments over the Xmas and Summer break at no extra hire cost. We will automatically charge your account for Term 1, 2018.
  • If you do not wish to hire the instruments again for next year, please return them to us no later than Wednesday 5pm 20/12/2017.
  • If you are unable to return the items to us in time or haven't contacted us, we will assume you are wanting to hire the instruments again for Term 1, 2018 and we will automatically charge your account. This is not refundable.

Lessons and Rock Band

  • Your Lessons and / or Rock Band rehearsals will automatically carry over into 2018 (no need to reenrol).
  • We will do our best to keep the same lessons times, locations and days but there may be some slight changes in the timetable to avoid clashes in rehearsals, music rooms and tutor availability. Closer to the time a tutor will contact you to confirm your lessons.
  • You will be able to keep checking the calendar on you MyMusicStaff portal near the end of January to have a glance at the lessons times.
  • If you wish to discontinue lessons you must email this request to amplify@yat.org.nz

Accounts and Profile

  • We would much rather concentrate on teaching and education as that gives us much joy than to follow payments, so we kindly ask that you ensure your account is paid for or in credit before lessons start in 2018. 
  • If there is an amount owing we will have to suspend your lessons until it is up to date but you may also risk losing your lesson time slot to other students on the waiting list.
  • Please update your contact information if it has changed since the your first enrolments.
  • You can check your Account Balance and update details online through your MyMusicStaff Portal.

Starting Dates and Locations

  • All after School Lessons (3pm onwards) regardless of locations will start the week of 5th February 2018
  • Rawhiti School, Parkview School and Redwood Primary Lessons will also start on the week of 5th February 2018
  • Rock Band Rehearsals, in school and after school will start the week of 5th February 2018.
  • Marian College Lessons will start on the week of the 12th February 2018.
  • No lessons or Rock Band on the 6th Feb (Waitangi Day)

A reminder the is still one more week of lessons for Rawhiti School, Parkview School and After School lessons. The offical ending date of lessons for 2017 is Friday 15th Dec, although some tutors may have already discussed with you earlier finishing dates.

If you have any questions at all please contact us at amplify@yat.org.nz

Merry Christmas

Amplify School of Music