Amplify Music Lessons 2019 Notices

Monday, January 28, 2019 | Notices

Welcome back to another year of music and performance. Our tutors are very excited to get back into teaching again and we hope all the students and families from Amplify had a great Summer break. Here are a few very important notices to read before lesson and routines can return to normal.

General Notices

  • If you haven't already heard, we have a new price list for Lesson and Rock band this year. Click HERE for 2019 pricing.
  • ALL Lessons and Rock Bands require payment in advance before your lessons! This is because we need to be able to pay our tutors on time and if you didn't already know, Amplify is actually a "Not-For-Profit Organisation" under Youth Alive Trust with a very small number of staff. In order for us to keep doing what we're doing we kindly ask for families to make efforts payment on time. So this year onward we will be sending out Invoices a month in advance for upcoming lessons.
  • There have been updates to our Music Lesson Policy so please have a read through to make sure you understand the requirements and commitments when participating in Amplify programmes. Click HERE to view.
  • If you wish to discontinue Music Lesson and/or Rock Band, please email amplify@yat.org.nz

Starting Dates for Lessons and Rehearsals

  • Instrument Lesson, In-School and After School, begin next week starting Monday 4th Feb 2019 (unless otherwise said by your tutor) except for: 
    • Marian College Lessons start on 13th Feb
  • Tutors will contact you to let you know when your lesson times and locations are. Alternatively login to your My Music Staff portal to view online. You may notice your lessons have shifted around by 5-10mins or so but for any major changes in times, a tutor or Amplify staff person will let you know directly.
  • All Rock Band rehearsals will have a new starting time from 6pm onward.
  • Rock Band rehearsals begin next week starting Monday 4th Feb 2019 (unless otherwise said by your tutor), except for:   
    • Marshland School Rock Band starts on the 11th Feb.
    • Plot Twist Rock Band starts on 13th Feb.
    • Spitfire, Richter Scale and JB SLAM are TBC. Possibly looking to merge remaining band members together.
  • There are no Lessons or Rock Band on 6th Feb due to Waitangi Day.

We will do our best to help get things underway and if you have any questions, concerns or have not heard back from your tutor by Friday 1st Feb, please email amplify@yat.org.nz

Thank You

Amplify School of Music