End of Year Notices and Dates

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 | Notices

Current and ongoing Amplify student's lessons will automatically carry over and be scheduled into 2020. Tutors may have to re-adjust your timetable but will let you know before Feb 2020.

2019 end of lesson dates

  • Amplify / YAT - 20th Dec (these are the after school lessons)
  • Bromley School - 17th Dec
  • Christchurch Adventist School - 29th Nov (already finished)
  • Marian College - 11th Dec
  • Marshland School - TBC (see tutor, Travis)
  • Rawhiti School - 13th Dec 
  • Redwood Primary - 6th Dec
  • Russley School - 18th Dec
  • Te Waka Unua - 16th Dec

Final Performances for Bands - Saturday 14th Dec

  • Level One, New Brighton from 12pm onward - Marshland Band, Tusk, Endless Vale, Broken Wires, High Voltage, Undiscovered, Ricochet, ACPC, Eternal Summer,

2020 Start of Lesson Dates

  • Amplify / YAT - 3rd Feb (these are the after school lessons)
  • All Schools - approx. 10th Feb (these are during school hours)

Thank You for being part of our music school this year. We have enjoyed teaching you all and look forward to teaching you again next year as well as welcoming our new student enrolments for 2020. 

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 𝄞 ♬ ☺

Amplify School of Music