Amplify Programme Policy

Amplify is a "Not-For-Profit" Music Programme

1.) Parent / Caregiver Responsibilities

  • Reading the Amplify Programme Policy.
  • Checking the FAQ page for questions and answers.
  • Payment of Lessons, Rehearsals & keeping track of their accounts.
  • Providing up to date & accurate contact information or change in circumstances to Amplify.
  • Checking & using the "My Music Staff Portal" (accessible when lessons start).
  • Contacting their tutor directly notifying Any & All absences e.g sickness, school camp, exams, sports etc.
  • Checking emails for notices & Invoices (check junk mail).

Parents / Caregivers acknowledge that upon enrolment there are no guarantees of immediate commencement of lessons or programmes & their selected times & choices depends on tutors and groups available.

2.) Student Responsibilities - Students are responsible for:

  • Practicing on a regular basis.
  • Checking the "My Music Staff Student Portal" (if applicable) for lesson notes & timetables, or timetables at school.
  • Contacting the tutor notifying of any & All absences e.g sickness, school camp, exams, sports etc.
  • Bringing their sheet music / handouts / music folders to each lesson.
  • Checking emails for notices & lesson notes (check junk mail).

3.) Attendance - Amplify tutors will mark attendance using My Music Staff which will keep a detailed record of attendance & notes, all of which can be viewed by the parent / caregiver & student via My Music Staff Portal. Students are expect to attend their lessons on time.

4.) Payments - Online payments are preferred & we strongly recommend an automatic payment setup to ensure lessons go undisturbed. Our Accounts Administrator is Sam.Sterritt@yat.org.nz

  • Amplify requires payment in advance for lessons. Invoices are automatically sent each month for upcoming lessons with 28 days to make the full payment. If you are in credit, it will be applied to your next upcoming lessons.
  • Overdue Invoices will generated an automated reminder via email or txt message & the balance owing will be carried forward to the next auto-generated invoice. Please try & make full payments before the due date of your invoice to avoid unnecessary confusion and interruptions to your lesson and accounts.
  • Online payments made to: Youth Alive Trust 11-7892-0066444-22. Please include the Invoice Number or the student's First & Last name followed by ASM for reference.

5.) Missed Lessons - You are still required to pay if you are unable to attend or a student misses a lesson, rehearsal or class. This is for reserving your lesson times each week & respecting the time set aside by the tutor for teaching & planning your lessons. 

“Make-Credits” are issued if 24hrs notice has been given (preferably by email or portal cancellations) in exchange for a Make-Up Lesson. If a Make-Up lesson is also missed, the Make-Up Credit is redeemed.

  • Arrange Make-Up lessons with Your tutor directly.
  • Contact your tutor directly for any & all absences, or use the online portal.

6.) Make-Up Credits - You can use Make-Up Credits to arrange Make-Up Lessons with your tutor if schedule permits but are not guaranteed. Contact your tutor to arrange a time.

  • Make-Up Credits cannot be used / exchanged for student's normal lesson time.
  • Make-Up Credits expire after 60 days.
  • Make-Up Credits only apply to Instrument Lessons.
  • Make-Up Lesson duration (e.g. 20min, Half-Hour) must match the student's usual lesson duration.
  • Make-Up Credits are not "cash" or "currency".

7.) Duration - All lessons & Rock Band rehearsals are "Ongoing" until discontinued (see clause 10.)

  • Instrument Lessons: Students are enrolled for weekly, 20 minute or half-hour at their scheduled times regardless of late attendance.
  • Rock Band rehearsals: Students are enrolled for weekly, 1 hour group band rehearsals at their scheduled times regardless of late attendance. Rock Bands have 10mins before & after their scheduled rehearsal time to setup/pack down & tune.
  • Public Holidays: There are NO Instrument Lessons or Rock Band during Public Holidays, Term Holidays & Summer Holidays unless specified or arranged with your tutor.
  • Lessons will carry into the next term or year until lessons discontinued.

8.) Rock Band - This programme is available both In-School & After School hours. Expectations for Rock Band include:

  • Regular attendance to rehearsals is required.
  • Enrolling into to Rock Band may require an audition to assess skill level.
  • Successful enrolments & auditions to Rock Band do not automatically grant you a placement in a band as this depends on the number of students available to form a band & if rehearse time is suitable.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own musical equipment e.g. guitars, bass. Drums & amps are usually already provided at the rehearsal spaces.
  • Students must already have an established & appropriate skill level before joining a band and also be receiving music tuition from Amplify School of Music or other approved source while in Rock Band Programme.
  • Occasionally there may be performances. Band members will be asked to do their best to participate when they can. Dates & times for gigs will be provided as details come through.

9.) Tuition Fees - Prices listed are for 2019 and 2020 and Incl GST

Administration & Booking Fees

There will be a one-off, non-refundable $3 administration & booking fee per person which will only be applied to your account once we have processed your enrolment and lessons have successfully commenced.

Instrument Lessons: The following rates are per lessons, per student & based on the size of the group. Parents / Caregivers acknowledge that group lessons can change in size at any given time which affects the price of lessons when students leave or join the group. Amplify will notify parents of group size changes.

No. of Students
20min Lessons
Half-Hour Lessons
Group of 1
Group of 2
Group of 3

Rock Band

  • After 3pm at YAT:  $7 per week / per class / per rehearsal.
  • In Schools or Agencies: $7 per week / per class / per rehearsal or fee may be charged to your school account.

10.) Discontinue Lessons - Amplify & Tutors reserve the right to discontinue a student’s lesson, including temporary removal for any reason such as inappropriate behaviour, non-payment of fees & sporadic attendance. Amplify & Tutors must give 3 days notice for discontinuing a student’s lessons. Students reserve the right to discontinue lessons & must provide their tutor 3 days notice via email to amplify@yat.org.nz

11.) Tutor Absence - If the tutor is unavailable to teach (e.g. sickness), the student will NOT be charged for that lesson. If students have paid in advance, payments will be credited to the next lesson.

12.) Automated SMS Reminders - You can "enable or disable" the automated text messaging reminders via the My Music Staff portal. This feature may be limited to some telecommunication providers in New Zealand.

13.) Safety - Parents / Caregivers acknowledge: 

  • And bear the responsibility & risk to their child participating in Amplify programmes.
  • They have explained to their child to follow safety instructions, remain in areas designated by staff and tutors, & refrain from behaviour that is inappropriate or dangerous.
  • Any willful damage to equipment or property that has been caused by their child will incur an additional charge.
  • Staff & Tutors will do their utmost best to ensure safety at all times, yet recognise that accidents & injuries can still happen.
  • A qualified first aid staff or tutor is permitted to first aid treatment in the event of an injury. Any further Medical attention will be at the parent / caregiver expense.

14.) Photos & Videos - If you do not want your child's photo or name displayed on any publicity, please put this in writing to the Youth Alive Trust Programmes Manager. Photos & Videos taken at any Amplify Programme & Location may be used for marking assessments, promotional & publicity purposes.

15.) Personal Property - Youth Alive Trust & Amplify take no responsibility for loss or damage to any child's personal possessions & equipment (MP3 players, cell phones, etc).

16.) Transportation & Off-Site Excursions - Upon enrolment, parents / caregivers give permission:

  • For their child to be taken on offsite excursions for Amplify Programmes (e.g. Rock Band). This may include travelling on foot, by Van, or Car to get to the location.
  • For their child to be transported in accordance to Youth Alive Trust ‘Policies & Procedures’.

17.) YAT Policies and Procedures - Parents / Caregivers may request to view the Youth Alive Trust Policies & Procedures at any time by contacting our offices 111 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Christchurch. 03 388 1001 office@yat.org.nz

18.) Privacy Act - Parents / Caregivers / Students acknowledge that all information supplied in this application form will be kept on file, in accordance with Privacy Act 1993. Information on your child may be requested to be looked at any time. This information may also be viewed by a CYFS assessor.

19.) Music Lesson Policy Updates - Amplify & Youth Alive Trust reserve the right to alter, amend & update the Music Lesson Policy including its service pricing & fees, within a manner that is considered fair & considerate of its clients. Amplify acknowledges to do its best to inform the client when appropriate of any changes that are considered significant that affects the service provided.